A cultural hub: Cultural Centre of British Council

by Rummana Ferdous Fagun

The identity of a nation is embedded in its culture. The cultural standing is mostly related to creative activities; however it may also be expanded to the sphere of education, promotion and expression of sociality. Cultural centres can help develop social intellectuality in individuals. As much as it is necessary, the practice of maintaining cultural hubs has decreased so much so that people have opted to stay at home and express themselves on social media rather than going to meet a few people and sharing their views and ideas. The time has come for re-establishing culture centres as a venue of continuous education for the community.
Not only for the development of a nation, a cultural hub is indispensable to acquaint with the outside world too. To cherish and revive that tradition of cultural exchange and to create global opportunities and promote mutual harmony, trust and cooperation for both the UK and Bangladeshi citizens, the British Council has been running various operations in Bangladesh for more than 65 years now. The British Council targets to foster confident and adept next generation Bangladesh by equipping them with knowledge, skills, qualifications and understanding of global citizenship. Following that suit, the British Council Bangladesh has launched a ‘Cultural Centre’, a hub for promoting culture and arts on July 26, 2017 at its Dhaka University premises.
The Cultural Centre of British Council Bangladesh envisions engaging Bangladeshi audiences in innovations, projects, performances, debates and exhibitions, connecting new ideas and promoting social changes with active and conscious minds. And it’s the perfect place for exercising your intellect. The decor of the whole British council premise is very soothing to the eye which gives you a calm brain to think about all the important stuff of life. And what better way to do it than sitting in a library. The library boasts a rich collection of paperbacks and digital resources in varying significant fields like English, Arts, Society, Education, Science etc. It has been modified to create the Cultural Centre with a nice sitting space appropriate for cultural events, educational workshops, theatre performance, discussions and seminars to entertain and educate people of all ages.
Since its inception about eight months ago, the Cultural Centre has successfully hosted around 40 events and accessed by 6000 students, instructors, entrepreneurs, journalists, artists and young professionals. These social gatherings mostly take place in the afternoons and generally wrap up within 5pm. But events can be extended upon consideration. It is a good way to increase mutual understanding between British and Bangladeshi culture and arts and explore issues related to education, teaching practices, English learning, social exclusion, cultural identity, equal opportunity and diversity. The Centre inspires more creative works and enriches multi-cultural society of Bangladesh.
A cultured nation and its citizens will always have a better understanding and enlightenment. The cultural centres all over our country should be safe and nurturing places for exchanging dialogues, ideas, cultures, inspirations and skills. To benefit wider population, British Council’s Cultural Centre aims to expand operations beyond the centre premises through the outreach programs in partnership with different organisations and entities. It is an effort targeted towards a decent hope that all the gadgets do not keep us away from the cultural engagement which actually broadens our mental horizon in a very strong and shared approach. To know more about the British council events and activities, visit-

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