Panache Hub: The platform for designers

by Alvee Khan

photos by Abdullah Apu

Panache hub, a well-organized boutique shop located in Banani is a place to quench your thirst for style. At the shop, you’re given access to 24 brilliant female designers’ vision at a reasonable price, with so much clothing to choose from. This is one of the must-go places for girls with a flair for fashion.
Panache mean flamboyant confidence of style. Panache hub has 24 female designers under its wing, designing dresses for women and showcasing them together. The idea behind Panache was materialized by entrepreneur Sabera Anwar, who is the CEO of Panache hub.

Sabera Anwar served as a journalist for a while, moving on to become a successful event organizer. Throughout her career, she discovered promising women designers who used to design dresses and sell them online. ‘I wanted to create a permanent hub for these talented designers, that’s how Panache Hub came into being. The idea came to my mind back in 2016, and I started working for it. The dream came true during the Ramadan of 2017, and we inaugurated our showroom on August 4, 2017,’ she said.
Panache Hub houses dresses from a wide range of designers and collaborations, providing customers to choose from versatile options. There are collections from Arusha by Shahara Mirza Asha, Kinara by Karishma Khan, Sumana Binte Rahman, Walias by Atifa Walia, Lace and Pearls by Parvin, Luna Rahman, Dreamz by Farzana Islam, Taiaba’s Closet by Rabeya Amir, La boutique by Marzana Nusrat Nisha, Pehnawa by Asha Sayed, Rubana Ali, Blush Closet by Sheikh Faria and Nahid Juthi, Aznoor by Azmain Fairooz and Mahinoor Fairooz, The Henger by Happy Kanchan, Vivaz by Mohua Pial, Farxana’s Signature Style by Farzana Zannat, Khanika by Marean Feisal, Aporajita Tume by Shatabdi Nandini and Sabera Anwar’s very own designs.
These talented individuals are brought under one banner with a vision to establish Panache as a platform for leading designers of the country. This is the first designer hub of Bangladesh where a blend of individual female fashion designers are under one roof. ‘If two designers from Panache lead the local fashion industry in future when a lack of leadership plagues the industry, that’d be a dream come true for me’, Sabera Anwar said.
Running at full swing at the 3,500 square feet showroom and 22 crew working diligently to keep the shop running, showcasing these designers dresses are not the only thing Panache does. The hub organises two fashion shows a year, displaying works of the designers. Also, there are regular in-house exhibitions arranged for the designers to discuss, teach and learn. Panache plans to organize training for the designers once a year, bringing inputs from reputed international designers. There are also plans to expand the venture by opening branches in Dhaka’s Dhanmondi and Chittagong.
When asked what backlashes she faced when starting this venture, Sabera Anwar went into details and said, ‘I believe this is one of the local industries that get massively overlooked by the government. Unlike the movie and music industry, government are not taking any steps to promote local fashion designers. We all saw the influx of billion dollars into the Indian fashion industry by the people of Bangladesh, which was not necessary. We have the talent here, our own people who understands our own heritage and tradition better than anyone else, why not support them? Make bank loans accessible for these entrepreneurs, lower the tax for them. Absurdly, designers and franchises here have to pay higher taxes than Indian importers and designers, that’s a negative sign for the industry.’
When asked how Panache is moving forward, Sabera said, ‘We are totally digital marketing dependant. We have active pages and groups where customer feedbacks are greatly appreciated. Also whenever a customer gives us any sort of feedback at the showroom, we take it, improvise and improve upon it. Also our designers are showcasing there dresses at various national, international exhibitions. Recently our wardrobe was featured in Lux Channel I Superstar.’
Regarding customers, the showroom is truly a blessing for anyone who visits the shop. ‘People around here always have meetings, occasions to dress up for. Choosing designs from 24 designers results in a vast portfolio that leaves the customers happy. Usually around the afternoon, the shop gets busy,’ she added. The dresses are reasonably priced as well, costing between Tk 2,500 to Tk 3,000.
Ladies out there, get your shopping groove on and stylize yourself using Panache Hub’s vast collection of dresses to choose from!
Location: 1st Floor (above Dhaba restaurant), House #48/E, Road #13/C, Block E, Banani, Dhaka-1212

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