Amrit: The taste of authentic Indian cuisine

by Alvee Khan

HOTEL Sarina have reopened their Indian Restaurant, Amrit, in a grand manner. The restaurant will now focus on Awadhi and Hyderabadi dum-pukht style of cooking to savour the taste buds of the people of Dhaka.
Amrit, meaning ‘pure’, is introducing the unique concept of cooking in a single vessel called ‘Dum Pukht’, which according to legends, was introduced by the chefs of Nawab Asaf-ud-Daulah (1747-1797). ‘Dum’ means to ‘breathe in’ and ‘pukht’ means to ‘cook’.
To serve the people with this delightful style of cuisine, they have brought in a Masterchef from India. Masterchef Rais Alam has gained notable culinary expertise for Dum Pukht in IT Mughal and ITC Grand Kakatiya Hyderabad. Later he mesmerized people with this unique style of cooking at the iconic Burj Al Arab in Dubai as their Indian chef. Currently he is coming to hotel Sarina’s Amrit restaurant to tantalize the taste buds of Dhaka people and take them on an unforgettable journey to experience the sub-continental cuisine in an authentic and grand manner.
The interior of Amrit takes you back to the Mughal era. The beautifully furnished wooden arrangement, with subtle ambiance lighting and majestic paintings of the Mughal era calms your nerve and assures you of something grand to come. The pro-active and helpful servers make you feel at home immediately upon entrance.
“Amrit aims to introduce the good people of this country to authentic Hyderabadi cuisine. Sure there are some places that supposedly provides you with Hyderabadi food, but once you experience the food here at Amrit, you’re guaranteed to be blown away”, said Nabila Tabassum, marketing communication executive at Hotel Sarina. Sanjay Nayak, executive chef at Amrit, said “The people here needs to taste authentic food of the subcontinent. We all share similar taste buds, with minor tweaks here and there. How are we supposed to love our own cuisine without appreciating the ones that are similar?”
This is the first authentic Hyderabadi cuisine restaurant in Dhaka, and the food are served in a unique manner. The family and business oriented restaurant opens at 6:30 pm and goes on till 11:30 pm.
Apart from individual menus, there are two full course menus named ‘the Nawabi menu’ and ‘the Khandani menu’, priced at Tk 2999 and Tk 2499 (excluding vat and service charges) respectively. These menus have starters, main dishes and desserts aimed to fill up the belly of two people. Mr. Sanjay informed that they’ll keep their menus fresh by churning out new items every now and then.
Tasting the food will leave you speechless, as the techniques and finesse involved in the cooking of the dishes are noticeable. Oil is substituted using ghee and all items smell wonderful. Kebabs and tikkas are served as starters, with a variation of dipping/chutneys to choose from. Main dishes consists of dishes such as an exquisite Hyderabadi mutton biriyani, perfectly cooked chicken korma, gosht baoli handi, methi macchi, indian bread basket, dal sarina etc. Dessert items are pretty magical, as they are made using inconvenient ingredients, but tastes superb. For instance, the aloo zarda is made out of potato, but the colours, textures and taste resembles the perfect zarda everyone craves at a wedding. Similarly, the lasooni kheer is made out of garlic, but its taste and texture resembles kheer.
Amrit had its grand opening from March 25, through an event called Hyderabad Food Festival, where VIP guests like the Indian Ambassador was present to witness the launching of Amrit. The menus for the food festival was different, as it had a buffet arrangement and it went on till March 30.
Amrit will hopefully turn out to become a primary destination for the biriyani and Indian food lovers of the country.
To taste the royal Indian cuisine, visit Amrit at: Hotel Sarina Dhaka, 27 Banani, road 17, Dhaka-1213.

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